What is the near death experiment ? explanation and example

By 03 May 2022

What is a near death experiment?

A near death experiment also known as a near death experience is an individual personal experience that can be linked to death. Sometimes NDEs are positive and they come with some strange sensations which include moving out of the body, numbness, warmth, total serenity, and other factors. When a near death experiment is negative, these occurrences could include anguish, sadness, grief, tears, and distress.

The explanations of near death experiments depend on who is narrating them. How a religious individual will explain differs from how a science-oriented person will narrate theirs. For most people, it’s a disturbing integration occurrence that happens during life-threatening events.

For most religious people, afterlife includes near death experiments. According to the New York Academy of sciences, most people with near death experiments are affected by trauma and serious brain injury.

Elements of the Near Death experiment

According to researchers, the near death experiment contains many elements. For Dr. Bruce Greyson, he believes this experience could include impressions of being put off your physical, visions of lost relatives, and spiritual leaders.

Near death experiment

Furthermore, individuals’ interpretations differ according to tradition or philosophical beliefs. A good example is in Canada, where more than 40% of citizens believe in guardian angels. Some common elements associated with near death experiments are:

  • the sense of being dead
  • peaceful atmosphere
  • painlessness
  • being out of the world
  • entering the dark
  • flying across the sky
  • approaching a border
  • receiving visions.
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Most of these elements are related to the cultural and scientific beliefs of the person with this experience.


It’s important not to confide a near death experiment with an out-of-the-body experience. While most out of the body experiences are part of near death experiments, sometimes, it can happen in other instances.

Some people who sleep deep and faint have experienced OBE. Others have claimed to see the outside world via their physical body.

Internships in Near death experiment

Following the division of Kenneth Ring (1990), near death experiments can be divided into a five-stage continuum, they are: peace, passing through the darkness, body removal, bright light and being in another realm.

Professor Charlotte Martial neuropsychiatrist from the University of liege doesn’t believe these stages are fixed. She has conducted studies in more than 200 NDE cases and found the sequence of events complicated.

Examples of Near Death experiments

There are many examples of near death experiments:

Out of body experience

OBE is very popular among people who conduct near death experiments. While it might seem like an outward experience, many neuroscientists believe in these experiences. A good example is when an individual has a sleep paralysis attack, which about 50% of people will witness at some stage of their life.

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis has often been linked to near death experiments by most medical practitioners. This sleep paralysis occurs when an individual is in the REM sleep, however, his brain is partially awake.

During the REM sleep, the brain is effectively paralyzed by the body, which impedes it from acting out the dreams. The brain is tricked into that the person is still asleep and keeps the body locked, which stops it from responding.

Meeting the dead

Meeting the dead is another popular example of near death experiment. Although science doesn’t agree with it, many cultures have these beliefs about talking with the dead.

For science, anyone who believes that he spoke with the dead is suffering from either Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. Most people with these NDEs are hallucinating, and they have been linked to pallidotomy lessons.

Tunnel of light

Another common example of Near death experiment is the feeling of being sucked into a tunnel where a bright light is shown. Many doctors believe this phenomenon can be linked to retina ischemia, popularly known as low oxygen to the eye retina.

The belief is that your retina doesn’t receive enough oxygen which affects visions, decays, and the visual capability of your eyes. It is linked with extreme fear and hypoxia, which can be found when one is dying.

Near death experiments can be a complex and complicated process, science and spirituality differ in how they occur.