Ian Gent founded in February 2013 with Lars Kotthoff.

The website was set up with technical help from John McDermott, Chris Jefferson and Lakshitha de Silva. Hosting provided by University of St Andrews.

We are very grateful for generous support from

For help from the CP 2013 conference we thank Christian Schulte and Laurent Michel.

For help with the ECAI 2014 conference we thank Torsten Schaub (Programme Chair of ECAI 2014)
and Agostino Dovier and Paolo Torroni (Tutorial Chairs)

Many scientists have helped with discussions leading to the foundation of the site.

I would particularly single out Patrick Prosser for tenacious dedication to replicating past experiments and making his own replicable.

Amongst many others I would also thank fellow authors of “How Not To Do It”, namely Stuart Grant, Ewan MacIntyre, Patrick Prosser, Paul Shaw, Barbara Smith, and Toby Walsh.

For more recent advice and discussions I thank my colleagues Adam Barker, Edwin Brady, Chris Jefferson, Lars Kotthoff, Steve Linton, Ian Miguel, Pete Nightingale, Patrick Prosser, and Karen Petrie.