Ian Gent founded recomputation.org in February 2013 with Lars Kotthoff.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to follow the recomputation manifesto and make computational science experiments recomputable by providing tools and a repository to store experiments. To achieve this our mission is:

If we can compute your experiment now, anyone can recompute it 20 years from now

Guiding Principles

Following are guiding principles which we will use in developing our tools and repository to achieve the mission.

  1. recomputation.org will make available virtual machines or equivalent technology to allow exact recomputation of lodged experiments.
  2. recomputation.org will make its best efforts to ensure that all experiments which it believes to be recomputable will remain recomputable for all time.
  3. recomputation.org will always be free* to those lodging bona-fide scientific experiments and to those obtaining past experiments, provided that:
    • all aspects of the experiments are freely available,
    • experimenter's contributions are open source, and
    • fees are not charged for the related scientific publication.
  4. recomputation.org provide its code and tools using an appropriate open source licence, including server-side code.
  5. recomputation.org will serve as a testbed for scientific research into issues such as experimental techniques and methodologies.
  6. recomputation.org will seek to fund** its mission through research funding, donations, and charging for services such as lodging non-open source or non-freely available experiments.


* Please refer to the long blog post on the caveats that come with the intended free price.

** Point 6 does not appear in recomputation manifesto as it is fairly obvious we would like to fund our efforts in various ways.