Schedule Generation Schemes for Job Shop Problems with Fuzziness

Contributing Authors: 
  • Juan José Palacios
  • Camino R. Vela
  • Inés González-Rodríguez
  • Jorge Puente

Welcome to this recomputation experiment.

These experiments allow to obtain the results that are introduced in the paper
"Schedule Generation Schemes for Job Shop Problems with Fuzziness" presented
in the ECAI 2014 conference.

In that paper, the described experimentation evaluates a number 'N' (1000 by default) of
priority arrays using four different SGSs. This experiment is carried on over a set of 12 instances.

For each run or instance, it generates two output files, each one with N rows:
makespan_name.csv: This file contains the makespan obtained after evaluating the priority arrays with the different SGSs.
orderings_name.csv: This file contains the topological order of the schedules generated by each SGS.

For further information, please read the readme.txt that is contained in the /home/vagrant directory.

Juan José Palacios, Camino R. Vela, Inés González-Rodríguez and Jorge Puente

Instructions for running the experiment:

$ vagrant init SomeName
$ vagrant up

There should now be a directory called SGSresults or similar
with the results in it and these two readme files.

If you are running this via vagrant you can now type

vagrant ssh

and you can log in to the machine and start playing.

To rerun the experiment in the guest machine just type


When you are done playing you can exit the ssh and if you wish halt the machine with

vagrant halt

If you want to restart the machine do "vagrant up" or to avoid rerunning the experiment:

vagrant up --no-provision

If you do not want to do anything you may safely type in the host machine

vagrant destroy

and the virtual machine will stop using resources on your real machine, but
the results directory should still be there.

Thanks for running this experiment.

01 August 2014