Run Time Performance Is a Secondary Issue

I have been surprised and pleased that the Recomputation Manifesto has
attracted some attention after I put it on arXiv. As well as comments on this blog, I have had various emails and
also a reddit discussion
was started by an interested user (shii). Not everyone has agreed with me, but there’s been no offensive or insulting posting, which is great.

The Recomputation Manifesto

I have just released
The Recomputation Manifesto. This is a 6 page paper intended for a general audience, not a technical paper. It forms the founding manifesto of

The abstract of the manifesto is this:

Caveats on Being Free, and Licences

I have just posted the Guiding principles for One principle needs some elaboration: will always be free to those lodging bona-fide scientific experiments and to those obtaining past experiments, provided that

Welcome to

On the day after Valentine’s Day, 2013, I’d love to welcome you to
My name is Ian Gent and I’m Professor of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews.


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