Our First Experiment: A Chess Puzzle

We are very pleased to announce the first experiment available from recomputation.org.

After downloading the experiment box and booting, it takes only about 1 minute to run.
It is available at http://recomputation.org/cp2013/experiment1.html.
The experiment is to confirm that the following statement is true.

The illustrated position contains the king and all nine possible queens of each colour, i.e. the original and eight promoted pawns. No queen is on the same row, column or diagonal as any piece of the opposite colour.

The illustrated position is the only possible chess position for which the description of the previous paragraph is true, excepting rotations and reflections of the chessboard, or swapping black and white.

To run the experiment you will need Vagrant and Virtual Box. Full instructions including obtaining these
are at http://recomputation.org/cp2013/general_instructions.html.

If you do not have virtualisation software you can still download the full source for the experiment, which may still build and
run, depending on your environment.